From hell to heaven

Finally being able to sit down without any pain for a while, after the operation. It's nice to not have to lay down complete days anymore. You can get bored watching TV all day. Luckily my parents have digital TV so that I could at least watch the sports channel if nothing else was on.


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On January the 27th I had to undergo an operation. They removed a fistel. Big hole in my back, as big as an egg, but I was allowed to leave the hospital the same day. When I came home I found out that the wound was still bleeding. Since I was aware of needing aftercare I already had organized that a group of nurses would come round the house to take care of my wound. Those people we're called immediately, they solved things as much as they could. I went to sleep. The next morning the nurse on duty didn't want to take care of the wound anymore because of the complications, she sent me back to the hospital. In the ER the doctor removed a big blood clot and sawed the little vain, that was pumping blood as a fountain, to stop the bleeding. Lucky I didn't had to stay in the hospital and could recuperate at my parents home.

Next day, next complication. Because of the blood clot I now had to deal with and infection of the wound. The doctor had subscribed antibiotics. After two days of taking this antibiotic I refused to take it longer. Reason was that I hade all side effects that one could think of like a heartbeat of 150, blood presure that went out of the roof, an upset stomach, couldn't go to the toilet, .

Out of the window the antibiotic went. Welcome seasorb (a medical tissue with silver in it that helps against infections). The wound started to heal, finally. I only could eat yogurt for another week since when I swallowed my throat hurt like he'll because the antibiotic had also destroyed the good bacteria.


After a week and half all side effects of the antibiotics had being cured. My body finally could concentrate on healing the wound. At last at went the right way. Slowly but certain the wound was healing. The hole the size of an egg became smaller and smaller, also thanks to the good care of the nurses.

Now the wound is small enough that I am able to sit without pain, at least for a certain amount of time. The nurses still come each day to take care of the wound. I hope that by march the 20th, when I have to go back to the hospital for a check up, all will be healed nicely.

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