How 'Bout Them Riders!

So the Saskatchewan Roughriders are the Grey Cup Champions of 2007. It's about time! But they weren't the only winners in this playoff run. The good fortunes of the Riders also brought about some major economic windfalls for the city of Regina and the whole province of Saskatchewan.

Sure the Riders organization will benefit from this run via merchandise and 2008 season ticket sales. But the real winners are all the businesses that saw people get off their wallets in order to support the Roughriders.

Every restaurant or pub with a television was probably full on Sunday. Grocery stores we're bombarded with people buying snacks and munchies for the big game. Transportation based businesses couldn't schedule enough trips to get fans from Regina to Toronto. And don't even get me started on liquor sales.

Media outlets covering the run to the Grey Cup seemed unable to keep any sort of advertising inventory available. The Leader Post had piles of special sections covering the Riders, with half of the content in those sections being advertising. NewsTalk 980 had special four hour Drew Remenda Sport's Shows from Wednesday to Saturday on the radio with special coverage of the post game festivities, welcoming party, and parade. It seemed every half hour was sponsored by way more advertisers than normal. Everyone just wanted a piece of the financial pie that the Roughriders cooked up.

So the next time you hear about a story of a city spending tax payer money to improve facilities to keep professional sports alive, keep in mind the whole picture. Sports have the ability to capture the imaginations (and dollars) of the masses. The economic spin off of that is enormous.

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