Getting your blog noticed

I wanted to share something with you real quick. I have been trying for some time to get traffic to my blogs. And I think I have finally come up with some things that can help others.

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Get Traffic

There a few ways I have noticed to get traffic to your blog or website. Since I am trying to document everything I am doing to get there, I figured I would write this down.

1. There is a plug-in for that

2. Write more

3. Check keywords

So let's begin with the first.

This is actually one of my blog stats.

A Plug-in Worth Mentioning

I came upon this little gem a couple months ago. It will let you auto-post your new posts. It's called (snap) Social Networks Auto Poster. I have fell in love with it.

It let's you set it up for Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, and many others. One of the best would be Stumbleupon. It gets me more traffic than any of the others. And as long as you got it there, that means you have backlinks as well.

But I have to say, it is my main way of getting traffic.

Write More

This is something else I wanted to address. I know I had previously posted on how often to write but I wanted to stress with you that it's very important. I noticed a great difference when I began writing more. I am now trying my hand at writing twice a day on some of my blogs to see what happens.

I will make sure I post the results for you when I gather enough data on that.

Something else I wanted to give you advice on. If you have a blog that can benefit from videos, if you do it right, the videos can be used as a post in itself. See one of my blogs is about computer and gaming. So I can write a post about a review on software or how to fix something then turn around later in the day and add another post that shows videos of popular games. See, I get my two posts a day and it's so much easier.

Check Keywords

It is a strong suggestion to check your keywords. You may be interested in writing about let's say computer repair but the better keyword for it could possibly be help with my computer. You can make it work. I promise. But using the keyword tool for Adwords, which can be found here , is a great place to start. Just make sure you use Exact and Not Broad. That option is over on the left side of the screen. Also, you want to look global and not local.

Let me explain more about this. Once you put in your search term, click on Exact and take the check mark out of Broad. When you click on search, you want to find keywords that are low in competition. I hardly ever use high keywords. I also try to make sure that under the global search there are more than 6,000. I usually end up hitting keywords that are closer into the hundred-thousands than just the thousands. And I have to say it has done wonders for my blogs.

Then there are times that I just don't care and want to write something that could help others. One thing I noticed, those posts usually get ton of traffic.

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