Lets take a minute and journey back to the old testament when people...

Lets take a minute and journey back to the old testament when people we're nomadic. They we're always on the move, hence why The Bible mentions many people had staffs. On these staffs They would etch notations of events that God brought them through. When Moses parted the red Sea, He held up his staff. I don't just see Moses lifting his staff at the waters edge, I see Him declaring, God you have been faithful and brought us through, and we remember time and time again your love for us and your promises. God was faithful and came through again. When David went out to face Goliath he didn't just take his sling. The scripture says he took his staff. I don't doubt he had etched on that staff the times when he killed the lion and the bear, or even when Samuel anointed him King. David took his staff to remind himself that God had helped him in the past, and he knew that God was fighting for him now and that the victory was already won.

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Are you facing giants in your life? Does there seem to be some sort of road block keeping you from God's promise land for you? Does your problem look to big? Instead of being discouraged, and thinking nothing good is going to happen, reflect on what God has done in your life and the victories of your past. Start thinking how you have overcome defeating the Lions and bears in your own life, and that the situation at hand is already the Lords victory. We can have a totally different perspective on life when we know who is fighting in our corner for us. We can walk boldly, and I believe a generation of believers is rising up to move mountains, to pray for the sick and see them healed, and to walk in victory from addictions.

People are about to make resolutions, wanting to make a change to their life.Sometimes our breakthroughs begin when we refuse to be impressed with the size of our problems and be impressed knowing how big our God is. Life is a journey, there will be valleys and there will be moments on the mountain top. Know that the God in the valley is the same on the mountain. and He will take you from glory to glory.

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