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We partner with industry leaders Reznor and Schwank for radiant tube heaters as they have quality heaters, exceptional service and are great, reputable brands. Whether you are heating your outdoor deck and patio, or heating your commercial business, a radiant tube heater is a smart choice.

Not only are radiant heaters more efficient and easy to maintain, then forced air, but radiant heat is less expensive to run and operate. This is due to the technology – forced air has a more complex system and moving parts than a radiant system.

Radiant heaters are perfect for industrial and commercial applications. Because the system is completely sealed, it does not move air, which makes it the best and safest choice for dusty environments.

The experts at Extreme Air Heating and Cooling have been installing radiant heaters since the early 2000’s. We currently service Etobicoke and the Greater Toronto Area.

If you are heating an outdoor smaller space, our decorative heaters are ideal for you. Space heaters come in a range of styles, and can be viewed as centrepieces or can be integrated seamlessly into your surroundings. We can work with you to plan a layout around your outdoor entertaining space. Due to its low cost to operate, and easy maintenance, our systems make the perfect heating option for homeowners. Our radiant heating systems is the smart choice, whether you are heating your home or a commercial building.

Radiant heating has numerous advantages. It’s more efficient than forced air and baseboard heating, and it reduces and limits allergens due to it being completely sealed. Radiant heaters produce quiet, even, clean and energy efficient heat to your space. Our heaters are available for use in residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural applications.

If your heating doesn’t work for you, or if it’s going to cost you more money in the long run, contact us today. We will help you decide if radiant heating is perfect for you and your space.

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