Lady Gaga is not costing anybody 25 million dollars.

The fact that this is even a headline proves it. If anything, she's profiting. This is the same fake outrage that has infiltrated every circuit of major entertainment these days. Why does this stupid journalist frantically design this headline? This headline means this journalist cares more for Interscope. More for Billboard. More for the institution than they care about the artist and creators in our world. WHY DO THEY DO THIS?

Kardashians, Terrorism, American diets. This event/headline/reaction perfectly demonstrates and glorifies the lack of fundamental thought processing and understanding common to todays entertainment headlines. Why do we do it? Why do we pay heed to these idiots and opportunists. I don't get it. The true nature of these companies the real true skill they have is to be professional exploiters. To an enviable degree they are great at it.

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Why is there not a revolution of the creative class. The figureheads. The major mass media stuff. Anyone not affiliated should be ignoring them. Leave them. They only get to continue because the audience hasn't fallen out.

The cultural conversation around food has picked up on it. People are not accepting high-marketed sludge anymore. Ryan Seacrest is perfectly marketed and produced but most everyone I know will say he is complete and total garbage. Even the big fans know he supports trash. People want their food to be true content. They want their food to be real and powerful. They want to feel and know that what they are putting into their bodies will give them strength and will make them better. But doesn't that have as much to do with marketing anyway? The movement is a freeing from Pavlovian responses. So can't we apply that same damn idea to all aspects of our culture. Music culture needs to change. We have so god damn much to choose from and there is so god damn much good music to be heard. Can we work just a little bit on who is helping us discover it?

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