Commercial Rooftop Units

If you have any questions or concerns about your roof top unit, contact the experts at Extreme Air Heating and Cooling. 

Extreme Air Heating and Cooling is your expert roof top unit installation company in the Greater Toronto area. We work exclusively with Keeprite, Goodman and York as authorized installers.  Roof top unit installs are an easy and affordable option for many commercial businesses. 

We want to help you choose the best commercial HVAC system to meet your needs. We will perform a full inspection of your current HVAC system, and analyze how effective and efficient it is. If we feel that a roof top unit is the best choice for you, we will let you know!

Our process

We use cranes to place the unit on a roof. Our technicians install ducts from the unit to each room in the building. People love the roof top units because they are efficient, durable and quiet, supplying your building with a reliable source of cool or warm air for a very long time. Extreme Air can also retrofit your existing unit. Retrofitting your roof top unit most likely will help save on energy costs. 

Not only does Extreme Air install, but we provide service and maintenance to all units. Ideally, a regular service would be scheduled, as to prevent any safety issues from occurring, as well as identifying any potential issues, that will save you unnecessary repairs and costs down the road. We recommend service and maintenance calls twice per year, and filters need to be changed every four months.  If a problem does arise with your roof top unit, we will have the solution. 

There are many benefits to roof top units. They offer remarkable performance and efficiency, as well as have more control options for controlling temperature. Unlike commercial HVAC units that require a lot of power, and therefore are quite noisy, root top units  are essentially silent, which removes potentially disruptive and distracting noise. 

Another benefit to your roof top unit is that these units typically have more ventilation controls, which will allow you to control humidity. This also lends itself to improved air quality. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your roof top unit, contact the experts at Extreme Air Heating and Cooling. 

Customer Reviews


My furnace broke down in the middle of the night and as a father of two kids I needed help right away. Extreme Air came out in the middle of the night and had things up and running within a few hours. Thank you!

Bruce Osbourne


As a home renovation contractor for 10+ years I’ve used Extreme Air for a number of jobs and always pleased with their work and professionalism.

Kevin Strong


I had no hot water. I couldn’t have a shower and I didn’t know what to do. I called Extreme Air and they were on-site within an hour and I was able to shower and be ready for work on time. thank you so so much!

Janet Wilson


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