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There are so many fun things to do around this city. In the winter I tend to get a bit reclusive and sit on my sofa reading and forgetting the lovely city out there. However, I'm rather proud to say that this winter I've already visited three of the spots listed below; I'm hoping to visit at least two more before summer. It was hard to narrow down to my top favorites, and I also have some favorites in nearby citiesI'm planning to do another post in the future about favorite day trips from the Grand Rapids area.

My favorite places to visit/things to do in Grand Rapids:

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GRAM Loveliest art museum I've been through. It's small enough to not feel overwhelming, while still having a great deal of beautiful works. They get quite a few exhibits throughout the year and their gift shop is to die for! The museum admission is only $8, but is free on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings. I am definitely stopping in some time this winter.

Public Museum This museum is perfect for all ages; children love it, but if you stop to read adults will easily be intrigued as well. They have rotating exhibits upstairs (right now it's Pirates), but they also have interesting and ongoing exhibits. One of my favorites are the streets of historic Grand Rapids and different shops are open each day. The museum is alsoan unique setting for several weddings we've been to. And no trip is complete without a ride on the antique carousel!

Gerald R. Ford Museum This museum was surprisingly entertaining! While I love history, I'm not very good at retaining information and politics is not my favorite. This museum made his life and presidency so fascinating and they did a really lovely job with the exhibits.


Reeds Lake Trail My favorite place to bike, hike, and run. It's about four miles around the lake and there are some woodsy areas as well as several residential areas. The park by the lake is also perfect for a breather after your trip. This is more for a summer outing, but I've heard that they keep the trail pretty clear during the winter, so I might need to get myself out there.

Meijer Gardens This spot is my favorite for visiting over and over again. If you only visit once it's delightful, but when you live here and can go often it's so fun to watch the gardens change throughout the year. I sprang for a membership last year and am so glad I did. There are indoor and outdoor gardens, and as long as the temperature is fairly decent it's not too bad to go walking through during the off-season. They offer classes and events and the yearly exhibits, such as the Christmas trees and the butterflies are my favorite.


Civic Theater We have seen a few shows at this small, local theater and love the acting and the fact that there's not a bad seat in the auditorium. (Husband has done some shows here in his younger days). I'm hoping to make it to South Pacific this spring!

DeVos Hall This performance hall is fabulous for everything from symphony to musicians to plays and events. We've seen many things heremost recently Annie the musical!and have enjoyed it every time. Check out their upcoming events and I'm sure you'll find something to love.

River City Improv I love, love, love a good comedy show, and this is my favorite in town. As you might assume they do improv and it's a whole group of Calvin alumni who do the shows together. They are terribly clever and so much fun. This makes for a great date night!

These are my top spots in Grand Rapids that I love to visit and that I enjoy taking visiting friends and family to see. Hoping to discover more places to enjoy this year!

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